About Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals

Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals, the promising and dynamic manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical company in North East India, was established in the year 2006 at its threshold, the land of Holy Goddess Kamakhya, the beautiful State of Assam notwithstanding its' founder's ample avenues to commence his business internationally at the Queen’s land of Great Britain. The blood line of our company lies in our highly qualified dedicated marketing and sales team enriched with the expertise in gauging the needs of the customer (s) and to bestow world class services and to have innate regional value products aligned with regional market. With the help of this team, we have enveloped the Indian and Global Markets.


Our further vision encumbers to become the utmost highly acclaimed Pharmaceutical company amongst the World's Pharmaceutical Fraternity, maintaining adamantly our never changing valiant vigour in researching, developing and manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products that comply with the highest regulatory standards and to contribute to the development of quality of life around the globe through innovative pharmaceuticals and nonetheless its addressing of diverse medical needs in requisite terms.

Analogous to our vision, identification of Core Values and Commitments on our part as the basis for a will of cooperation and proper value judgments and as the criteria for our business activities and decision making, became eminent needless to mention our establishment of the highest ethical standards and a good social conscience suitable for a corporate genre engrossed in a business that affects human lives.