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About Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals

Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals, a promising and dynamic manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical company in North East India, was established in the year 2006. The core strength of our company lies in our highly qualified and dedicated marketing and sales team, which is enriched with the expertise in gauging the needs of our customers and to bestow world class services and products. We have an innate quality to align regional value products with the regional market. With the help of this team, we have enveloped the Indian Markets.

Our further vision encumbers to become a highly acclaimed Pharmaceutical company amongst the World's Pharmaceutical Fraternity, maintaining adamantly our valiant vigour in R&D and manufacturing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Our commitment is to comply with the highest regulatory standards and to contribute to the development of the quality of life around the world through innovative pharmaceuticals.

We strive to follow the highest ethical standards and maintain a good social conscience suitable for a corporate genre engrossed in a business that affects human lives.