Partner's Message


Starting my entrepreneurial journey with a business vertical in Healthcare was an innate commitment. The notion of healthcare has run in the veins of the Dhanuka family for generations.

In 2006, realising the lack of sufficient quality driven pharmaceutical manufacturing companies inside North East India, I decided to establish Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals. Although a number of manufacturers existed at the time in the region, they were either running out of business due to a clear long term strategy or due to shortage of a well trained workforce.

The matrix nature of the healthcare industry makes it extremely crucial to be focused and be driven by very clear goals. Within India itself, the complexity is increased due to the parallel private and government healthcare institutions. The interplay between affordable healthcare and “premium” healthcare can often result in a clash of intentions and goals. At Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals, we follow a clear strategy: make pharmaceutical products available to the masses without the least amount of compromise in the product quality and composition. The maturity of the pharmaceutical industry coupled with the vast experience of generic pharma in India makes it very possible to produce and make available various types and combinations of drugs at extremely affordable rates. India has already proved this to the rest of the work and Ghanshyam Pharmaceuticals strives to be one of the soldiers in this fight.

Leadership is a set of good habits, and good habits are the basis of building skill. Keeping this in mind I constantly urge my team and colleagues to focus on the quality of products that we produce. We place a strict emphasis on avoiding any compromise in the quality of the raw materials and the final products that we deal with. Ghanshyam pharmaceuticals is also involved in the marketing of pharmaceutical products for other established companies. I am thankful to our partners, who work with us and continue to place their trust in us. I assure them that we have our trust in them and that their business and products are treated with the care and respect that is deserved.

A well known African proverb reads: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I am a true believer of collaborations and in recent times more than ever the need to work together to solve the global problems at hand has risen. I extend my arms to all my colleagues and affiliates in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to work together and build a better tomorrow. We are always happy to hear from you and connect with you!