Partner's Message

"Message To The Startups And Youth Of This Nation

Embolding The Corporate Perspective"


My sincere and heartfelt counsel to the startups and the promising youth of this Nation dispenses from the core of my heart commencing from who I am. My instinctive nature has been delirious in honing my natural love for my motherland and the place of my birth, which I believe as my genesis in all spheres holistically concerning my success. Maintaining this as my first guidance to the youngsters, I want to emphatically endorse the 'MOTTO OF AFFECTION' which I garnered thereby allowing me to choose my place of birth, the beautiful land of Holy Goddess Kamakhya, the historical State of Assam for my growth in business venture albeit my ample avenues cherish in the Queen’s land of Great Britain.

My second counsel for the others lies in believing and embedding the motto of "ONE STEP OF CARE IS A GIANT LEAP FOR THE SOCIETY". MY fortune of social care runs in my family. In 1916, my great grandfather Late Shri Ganpat Rai Dhanuka, co-founded the Marwari Maternity Hospital at Athgaon, Guwahati to reduce the unacceptably high, Infant Mortality Rate. A series of initiatives to enable medical and educational support coincided with India's independence and its early years. My passion for the society surpassed my energy at business. My social domain extended to not just enabling education, medical support and cow welfare but to government functions and corporate associations as well. There is no harm if anybody down the line does not have that family blessedness. Ardent care and concern for the society can be started at any point of time and surely in my belief, which I am sure cannot be belittled, divine grace will pour in and the extent of success would be insurmountable thereafter unceasingly.

My third counsel lies in promoting my motto "WHEN PIONEERING IS NATURAL, EXCELLENCE BECOMES A HABIT!", which I believe honestly that, it would help anybody to excel in whatever they do or embark upon. Natural inculcation for certain vision and bringing the same into reality confirms one's pioneering skill. The zest to excel in that field will eventually follow, making it a habit thereafter. A nature of that genre can never fail and shall hold the momentum to withstand any level of adversity creeping in.

My fourth counsel lies in adoption of a precise and concrete system of the modus operandi (functioning or running) of a company. My ambition has never been only for earning money while doing business. Infact I have never kept such an aim as my first goal. For me to run a business is to "Transform Indian Business & Economy with Value & Values" which has helped me to maintain the spirit of brotherhood and fraternity in the Corporate field. I have always ardently followed my vision and the dignity of my family lineage with this moto "India's Social Empowerment is not an event it's a journey" which has enabled me to gain prominence not only amongst the business fraternity but also in the society at large.

My Dear friends, I affectionate counsel for you to discern and give a irascible dent in your heart and soul to follow my Mottos mentioned above. God bless you all!!!!